Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Flannel Friday Roundup for 10/ 21

Hey Flannel Friday Friends,  here is your placeholder/roundup spot for a harvest of great ideas! I'm looking forward to some great inspiration for future storytimes.

Here we go!...

Lindsey from Jbray has this adorable set of 5 Little Pumpkins!

Mariah from Read them Stories, Sing them Songs has an amazing rhyme and cute little escargot!

Wendy from Flannelboard Fun has some sweet little ghosts to use with two cute rhymes.

Welcome back to Jessica from Storytime in the Stacks as she shares her great, Here is the Firefighter rhyme.

Thanks Mr. Keith from Felt-tastic Flannelboard Fun for the great taming tigers rhyme!!

I'm sharing another space rhyme, Five Little Astronauts!

O.K. friends and neighbors, hope you enjoy all of these wonderful ideas!! Have lots of Fun with Friends at Storytime!! Check out the wonderful resources on the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards. Here's the link for the official Flannel Friday blog for more info!


  1. Hi Kathryn, I did "5 Little Pumpkins" over on Jbrary: https://jbrary.com/flannel-friday-5-little-pumpkins/

  2. Hi Kathryn! Here's a post for Flannel Friday tomorrow. http://www.readthemstories.com/story-time-resources/countingflannel-rhyme-escargot-counting
    Thanks for putting Flannel Friday together this week! ~Mariah

  3. Hi Kathryn! Thanks for hosting :) I've got a simple little ghost set:

  4. Thanks for hosting! Here is my fire safety flannel for this week:

    Can't wait to see what else is up this time around!

    Storytime in the Stacks

  5. Hey! Here is tiger rhyme to soothe the savage beasts.