Thursday, May 24, 2018

Rhythm and Music

Here's an interactive rhyme/activity for Summer Reading this June. I just Googled an image for my pattern. I stapled 2 pieces of felt together and cut 2 shapes at a time while I watched T.V.  Easy Peasy!! Here's the link for the rhyme: Musical Notes .  I made 4 of each of  7 colors but depending on the typical size of your story time you can either make more of each color or add more colors. I am considering making a file folder of the note shape eventually to give the kiddos that color cue as I say the rhyme. I hand out the shapes and tell the kiddos to listen (or watch) for the color that they are holding. They bring the shape up to add it to the board. The toddlers like this activity a lot!! We generally hand out a Home Extension at the end of our story time and for this program we'll hand out 2 unsharpened pencils and some small sticker to make their own rhythm sticks.

Rhythm and music are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime! Check out other flannel board ideas at the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards.