Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sea Otters and other Sea Creatures!

I know this is kinda random for February but Miss Margaret and I have been thinking about this for months!  Finally, here is my rhyme/activity for Sea Creatures!!  A few months ago we saw this adorable book about a sea otter and one thing led to another and the idea morphed into a 5 sea creature item.  Then we got John Lithgow's new book about a manatee and knew it was a sign!! LOL! Anyway, I got the set made by using bits of different Google images and some fabric paint and thread (whiskers) and a cute little shell sequin.  I love them!! We'll probably use them this fall but I had to work when inspiration hit!  Did you know that you can tell a seal and sea lion apart by the little ear flaps visible on the sea lion and not on the seal? There's a new fun fact!

Here's a fun video from Veggie Tales and the song, 'Barbara Manatee' !  

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