Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lions...Oh My!

I realized this week that I don't have many flannelboard sets for a Zoo or Safari theme. I found a cute 5 Ferocious Lions rhyme at Read, Sarah, Read.  I had made a cute lion hand puppet for my grandson that I decided to use as a pattern for my lions. I used a 9x12 sheet of felt for 2 puppets.I cut the sheet in half so that I had 2 pieces 6x9. I cut those in half so that I ended up with 4 pieces 3x4 1/2.  I used my scrap bag for all the features and large google eyes and some string that I used black shoe polish on! The little circle 'cheeks' are from a sizzix diecut that I have and use a LOT!  I glued all the features with tacky glue. Black slick fabric paint 'glued' the whiskers. After the glue dried I hot glued the front to the back along the edge. 
These probably cost me about $3.50. I've made puppy handpuppets for one of the grandson's goody bags for his puppy birthday party.  Easy peasy.  I'm thinking any finger puppet pattern would probably enlarge easily for these small puppets.
I will use these on the flannelboard with the rhyme. If my group is small enough I can let the children hold a puppet as I say the rhyme. Lions are a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime!
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