Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Growing a Smile - Teeth!

I'm typing this post after doing several Halloween themes and maybe the thought of all that Halloween candy is what reminds me of Teeth!  I know that's pretty random, but they do somehow go together in my mind, LOL! I found cute flannel rhymes to use with a Dental Health theme at this post and this post at What Happens In Storytime.  I was inspired to make a couple of my own too. I used pictures of my grandsons, who LOVE to brush their teeth, to illustrate my rhyme. 

J. is such a happy boy!
Growing a Smile!
by Kathryn Roach

When I was a baby, I had a toothless grin.
I began to grow and soon, my first 2 teeth came in!

2 on top and 2 below, my poor gums were so sore.
Then as I grew, tooth by tooth, my mouth held many more!

Without my teeth I couldn’t chew; my bottle was my treat.
C. is a fun loving little guy!
But now with lots of teeth there are so many things to eat!

Yes, getting all my shiny teeth took a little while.
But now I’m glad to show them off with a happy smile!

I actually had 4 pics of the boys from a toothless baby to these last happy smiling pictures.  You could use your own or some Google clipart. I mounted each pic on colorful paper and laminated them.
I also made up a color toothbrush rhyme that I made 2 different ways. I made a felt set of color toothbrushes and I made a cute filefolder version. 

My Colorful Toothbrushes
by Kathryn Roach

I went to the store to buy a toothbrush
I looked at each one, I didn’t want to rush.
I know that brushing my teeth every day,
Is an important way to stop tooth decay!
(sing the following rhyme to tune of 'Mary Wore Her Red Dress')
*I could use a blue one, blue one, blue one,   
A new blue toothbrush is such fun!
*repeat with each color...
(speak this last bit)
I liked all the colors so I bought every one.
Having clean, healthy teeth is colorful fun!

Here's a fun youtube clip of Raffi singing 'Brush Your Teeth'. It is on his CD, 'Singable Songs for the Very Young'  I just sing/chant this without the CD. I also found that Jim Gill sings, 'Hands Are For Clapping' on his CD, "Jim Gill Sings The Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes" that has a whole verse about teeth and toothbrushing!

I used a Google clipart image for the felt and  file folder. I cut out the handle part of the toothbrush and glued on the white bristles and toothpaste and tube of toothpaste and then laminated the folder. I stacked the colors in the folder and taped a copy of the rhyme on the back. For the felt toothbrushes I did use some slick white fabric paint on the bristle part to give it a little more dimension.

Good dental hygiene is so much Fun with Friends at Storytime!


  1. I was a little stuck on November themes... but the week after Halloween, a Taking Care of Your Teeth storytime would be so much fun!! I adore the Raffi song. I'm sure I've skipped over it dozens of times so thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. =)

  2. Do you mind sharing what books you used? I used Clarabella's Teeth a few months ago with a different theme, but it would be a great book to use for this theme too. I made a giant toothbrush prop to give Clarabella.

    You can see it here:

    1. Yes, we used Clarabella's Teeth and Bear's Loose Tooth by Wilson. We played a Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth game. My coworker, librarian, had made a set of teeth from egg carton and used a giant toothbrush and yarn 'floss' to talk about brushing and flossing :)