Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ABC Caterpillar

We have incorporated the 5 components of ECRR in our storytimes at my library and so we have increased the emphasis on recognizing the alphabet symbols as well as their sounds.  I recently made my own set of an adorable alphabet caterpillar to use with all ages of our preschool kiddos. The original idea came from Shelley Lovett at childcareland.com. She has an awesome site!  I made my set as a color pattern and alphabet set so I could turn them over and use just the color side with the toddlers. I talk about the alphabet and put up the caterpillar face and have the kiddos bring up the letters to add to the board as we all say the alphabet together.  It's a big hit! I used a diecut to make about 2 inch circles and a 1&1/2 inch letter diecut for the alphabet. You can see the color pattern in the circles and the letters. The face of the caterpillar has felt eyelashes and mouth, google eyes and a tiny pom pom nose and pipe cleaner antennae. I used a lot of tacky glue!!  I don't let the kiddos play with this set after storytime.  At least not yet...I won't let them play with the face because of the small pieces that could be picked off and eaten! LOL!

Talking, Singing, Writing, Reading and Playing ... is a lot of  
Fun with Friends at Storytime!


  1. Oh, Kathryn! This is great! I may just make it this weekend. I love the caterpillars face with the eyelashes!! We are all about the 5 components of ECRR as well. I think we always have been... but it is nice to have the printed words of a national organization standing with us in Story Time. Amen, sista!!

    1. Thanks Jane. It's nice to affirm caregivers as they realize that all their interactions with their kiddos can prepare them to read. It can motivate them to be more intentional about some aspects that they might not naturally do. Our interactive games give them ideas for ways to play that they hadn't considered before. I do love what I do! Yea Verily!!

  2. So cute! I love this! I think I might do this with numbers! Great idea.