Thursday, February 16, 2017

Koala Fun!

We are planning for our summer session already and wanted to use some books about the cutest animal ever...koalas!!  Of course this was a perfect opportunity for me to make some new felt pieces and write a couple of new rhymes. I have a 5 little whatsit rhyme for my koala pieces,  here's the link for 5 Koalas.  I used a Google image and deconstructed it to make my koalas. They were labor intensive so I'm not sure I'll make another set any time soon!! But, I am so pleased with their sweet little faces! They have a eucalyptus branch for counting and eating!


Koalas are so sweet and so much Fun with Friends at Storytime! There are other ideas this week @ Flannel Friday Roundup. Check out the wonderful resources on the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards. Here's the link for the official Flannel Friday blog for more info! 


  1. Love the rhyme, I've been working on this set all week and I couldn't write or find a rhyme that I loved. And I am so glad that you didn't call them bears. As an Australian that drives us insane. Thank you.

  2. These guys and your sly foxes ( are so amazing. Love them Kathryn--thank you for sharing!

  3. These are gorgeous! What a fun storytime.