Friday, January 23, 2015

Birthday Candles!

Everyone loves birthday cake and candles! This is a fun and easy theme for storytime. I have links for 2 different counting candle rhymes: Five Candles and Ten Birthday Candles.  I have a cake shape made from pellon with white ric-rac trim and a red 'platter' to use with both rhymes. I made 2 different sets of birthday candles.  One set is based on the number shaped candles that you can buy for birthday cakes. The other set is a basic candle shape with added glitter!  There are some really great birthday ideas on the Flannel Friday Pinterest board.  Birthdays are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime!

The rest of the Flannel Friday roundup is @StorytimingHave questions about Flannel Friday? Check out the Flannel Friday official blogBe sure to join us on the Flannel Friday Facebook page too!  

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