Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Filling My Easter Basket

Here's a fun interactive activity/rhyme I made up for Easter a couple of years ago. I put the big basket on the flannelboard and hand out the colored eggs. As I say the rhyme, the children holding the appropriate color eggs bring them up and put them on the basket.  My basket is fairly heavy pellon with ribbon glued on for decoration. To make it easier to store, the handle is a separate piece with velcro on the back to help stabilize it on the board. I've posted  another Easter Egg rhyme I made up many years ago here

Filling My Easter Basket
by Kathryn Roach

Here's my Easter basket. Let's fill it up today.

Come put in my basket the color eggs I say!

Red, orange, and yellow, there's room for every one!

These beautiful, happy colors are so much fun.

Next I need green, then light and dark blue.

We're making good progress now, we're almost through.

There are two more colors; pretty purple or pink!

Hooray! We filled up my basket as quick as a wink.

Easter Eggs are a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime! Check out the other Flannel Friday posts at the roundup hosted by Lisa at Libraryland.  Have questions about Flannel Friday? Check out the Flannel Friday official blog.  Be sure to  join us on the Flannel Friday Facebook page and enjoy the great Flannel Friday Pinterest boards too

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