Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Penguin Fun!

Penguins lend themselves to preschool storytime so well because they are incredibly cute and funny!! I have several penguin flannel sets including my set to match the story, 'Pippa's Penguins' by Susan M. Dailey featured at Rain Makes Applesauce by Sharon, The Reading Chick and at the blog, A Bad Case of Books. I have used nonfiction books with big pictures and talked about penguins on selected pages. There are several penguin rhymes and stories at the Flannel Friday Polar Animal board.  Here's my set of felt penguins that I use with the rhyme Six Little Penguins by Nancy J. Smith, I found here and here.  I also have 5 penguin Beanie Babies that I use with another count to 5 penguin rhyme.

My penguins are made of felt and fabric paint and miniature pom poms.  I deconstructed a Google image for my pattern.  Check out this fabulous link I found for penguin rhymes HERE. Penguins are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime!!

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  1. Your penguins are wonderful! Now I want new penguins!! Maybe I just need to make hats for mine, (they already have scarves) Hats would be a good update. Thanks for the rhyme link ~ jane