Friday, February 12, 2016

Color Fruits!

I'm looking ahead to March to Nutrition Month. I've got food on the brain! LOL! I mentioned this rhyme and picture set in a previous post HERE. I thought I'd share the rhyme and some pics for this great counting, color, fruit rhyme! I had found it somewhere and this version is my adaptation of the rhyme.

Color Fruits
1 yellow banana extra nice,  pretty please, give me a slice.
2 round oranges really sweet, what a super-duper treat!
3 red apples very bright, hurry up and take a bite.
4 purple plums in a sack, make a really special snack.
5 ripe pears golden delight, good to eat, morning or night!
6 green melons nice to eat, a sweet dessert that can't be beat.
7 peaches rather pink, a very good fruit to eat, I think.
8 blueberries firm and good, do have some, you really should
9 cherries so shiny red, try some now. Go right ahead.
10 green grapes so great to munch, here, eat a few for your lunch!
10 great fruits and now you know. Eat some daily to help you grow!

I used diecut numbers and Google images of real fruit. I glued the pieces on different colors of construction paper and laminated them. I usually hold them and flip through as I say the rhyme. I'd eventually like to make felt fruit that the kids can help put on the flannelboard. Good nutrition is yummy and Fun with Friends at Storytime! 
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