Thursday, April 9, 2015

What's Behind the Mushroom?

This is one of my favorite books from long ago. It was originally published in 1974. I'm so glad it was republished in 1997. The artwork is wonderful and the story has a great ending! For some reason, mushrooms appeal to me. I made one in a set for a hiding game for St. Patrick's day a few years ago. Here's the link; 'Do You Feel Lucky?'. It's still one of my favorite pieces. Well, a couple of weeks ago I had a brainstorm and a rhyme and hiding game were the result. 'Mushroom Guessing Game'  I looked at a few Google images and made my own pattern for a mushroom big enough to 'hide' things behind. I made 10 mushrooms.  I used 2 shades of each color to get that underside, where the gills are, a contrasting color. I doubled the felt on the lightest colors so that the kiddos couldn't see through them. I used sequins and glitter glue to embellish my mushrooms. I am including a few pics that show my process in making my funny mushrooms. I used Google images for different items to 'hide' behind the mushrooms. I sized them to be about 3 inches, printed them, laminated them with my small laminator, cut them out and added a small piece of double-sided tape. This game is a favorite and always inspires a lot of discussion. Wondering and guessing are so much fun as we play this game. The surprise when we show what's hiding behind the mushroom makes this activity almost magical for the kiddos!

Mushrooms are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime! Kimberly @Literary Commentary has the rest of this week's roundup! If you have any questions about Flannel Friday you can find answers at the official Flannel Friday blog.


  1. Kathryn - I thought I was the last librarian in America still reading this book. One of my long time favorites. Now I need mushrooms - these are spectacular. The lowly mushroom with sequins and glitter! Thank you ~ jane

    1. I have loved and used this book for YEARS! Ha! I guess that's the proof of a really great book. Longevity! The subtle humor of the book is easy for preschoolers to understand without me having to explain it. And the ending is perfect!! We must keep it alive for the next generation!! Thanks Jane!

  2. Your mushrooms are so charming!