Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chickens and Eggs!

It's that time of year again! Time for Chickens and Eggs!! Even though real chickens are not that cuddly or cute, storytime chickens are adorable! I have posted some chicken rhymes on a post from a few years ago HERE. I do have a new egg rhyme activity to share. "What's Inside the Egg?" . I saw the idea initially @ Mel's desk and tweaked it a little. LOL! I made eggs about 5" x 4". I cut them to look as if they had cracked apart. I used Google images that I sized to fit behind each colored egg. I doubled the felt on the lighter colors so that the kiddos couldn't see through them. I place them on the board so that the children can't see the items behind the eggs. Then we talk a little about eggs and what could be inside and then we play the game. I say the rhyme and remove the bottom part of the felt egg. As the kiddos see part of the item they can guess what it is. Then I move the top part of the egg and we see what was in the egg. Each item is very different and gives a lot of scope for discussion! We're looking for the baby chick so I make sure that's the last egg we 'crack' open! 

If you are doing an Easter Egg theme I have 2 posts from a couple of years ago, Here and Here. Of course, we will sing Laurie Berkner's fun song, I Know a Chicken! I have shakey eggs that I made for us to use. I put a teaspoon of rice inside the shiny plastic eggs and super-glued them shut. They've held up pretty well. I usually go through and check the eggs before I use them and reglue or take out any that are 'iffy'. Occasionally one will pop open but it's no biggy since there isn't much rice in them. I just run the vacuum quickly after storytime and we're good to go! Having them in a basket makes it easier to get them back too. This song is a favorite! Lots of clucking and shaking and laughing going on!!

We did hand out a fun Home Extension for this theme. I programmed a paper with 2 basket shapes and ran them off on colorful paper. We cut them out and cut out the handle. I have a Sizzix diecut of 2 small eggs that we used with large sheets of sticker paper to make our own stickers. Each basket had 5 for each kiddo to count and color and stick in their basket. 
Yessiree!! Chickens and Eggs are a Lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime!
The rest of the Flannel Friday roundup is @ Library Lalaland. Be sure to check out the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards for other great chicken and egg ideas! 

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