Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Airplanes are Flying High!

My grandsons have become obsessed with Peppa Pig and going on holiday. LOL! Peppa's family travels by airplane to go to Italy for their holiday. She sings a made-up song about flying in the airplane that has a tune that sticks in your head, arghhhh! They also LOVE the Disney movie, PLANES. We have a lot of those airplanes flying around the playroom! They have inspired this post this week. I have an airplane counting rhyme to share and my 10 airplanes with a little bling and glitter. I still like to use the classic airplane book by Crews with this theme. But there are lots of newer airplane or flight books that would be great!                          

Here's the link to the rhyme, 10 Airplanes. My airplanes are Ellison diecuts to speed up the process. I cut a sequin in half for the cockpit window and used glitter for the stripes on the wings.
 Airplanes are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime!
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