Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Presents!! Happy 5th Birthday, Flannel Friday!

♫ Happy Birthday to Flannel Friday! ♫   I'm sharing a couple of ideas in honor of this momentous occasion!! The first is an inspired flannel set that I tweaked from In The Children's Room blog. I added 2 more boxes to have 5 presents. We all know that 5 is the magic preschool number! LOL!  Here's a link for the rhyme that you can print out Presents! 

I have a small piece of velcro at the top of each 'present' so that each one will stay in place as I 'unwrap' the paper from the biggest to the smallest to the heart. All the ribbon embellishments are glued on with fabric glue. This set lends itself to sequencing from biggest to smallest or counting to 5 or recognizing colors. You could play, Which one is Missing? with these also. I have a couple of other birthday posts too, HERE!

I also have a file folder set that I made this week that could be used 'as is' or with a bunch of cutout felt 'presents' for the kiddos to bring to the flannel board as you show the file folder colors. I have a diecut that I use for all of the little presents. I just chant the little rhyme and change the colors as the kiddos bring the matching felt presents to the board. They never get tired of this activity! Here's a link to a printable copy.

Oh Happy Day, Happy Birthday to me!
Red is the birthday present I see!
(kiddos bring up the presents and I change the color and repeat the line for the new color)
Hooray, Hooray, Happy Birthday to me!
There are so many colorful presents I see!

I added sequins to the file folder before I laminated it. I also laminated a piece of birthday present wrapping paper that I cut to fit the folder. I have it in place when I start the rhyme and then start changing the colors. I used variegated yarn and cut two small slits and tied the bows for the presents. I took this picture before I finished tying the gazillion bows! LOL! I made 6 of each color because I want to be sure to always have enough for storytime kiddos!! Birthdays are so much Fun with Friends at StorytimeThere are more great posts on the Flannel Friday Roundup. Check out the wonderful resources on the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards. Here's the link for the official Flannel Friday blog for more info!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I just love those little felt presents! I've pinned this on my "to make" pinterest page :)