Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Little Forest Animals

This post originally went with my camping theme but you could use it with MANY themes. I use my Beanie Baby animals but I also have clipart pictures of the animals.  This is a riddle/rhyme I made up a couple of years ago when our summer theme was Dig Into Reading. It turned out to be a lot of fun and there is a lot of learning/thinking going on too! Here's the link for the rhyme: Little Forest Animals. You could easily add more forest animals to guess; an owl, or beaver, or deer...This theme would be a great time to use my Hedgehog flannel set too! Forest Animals are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Camping Out!

Going camping is a really fun theme and really resonates with children. The idea of sleeping in a tent and being outside all the time is very appealing! I've got a not-a-flannel rhyme/activity that I used with my preschoolers and they really enjoyed it.  I saw this technique originally @ Mel's desk with farm animals and tweaked it to a tent shape with items you'd see out camping.  I set it up by showing and talking about the matching big pictures first.  Talking is one of our ECRR components! It's easier to manage these big pictures with a dot of velcro on the back and add them to the flannelboard as you talk and then as you say the rhyme. We did this twice so that the kiddos could get a sense of mastery and for the fine motor practice. Here's the link for the rhyme; Camping Song.   My pictures below make the tent shape look yellow, but it's really orange. I found some Google images that I scaled small for the tent and large for me. Making multiples is easy if you program a sheet with four rows of the small pictures. I used my little laminator, cut them out and we were ready for FUN!!  This also gave the caregivers an idea for some fun at home/preschool that would strengthen those fine motor muscles. I suggested paper plates programmed with shapes or colors or numbers...the possibilities are almost endless.         
Camping is a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Flannel Friday Roundup for 10/10/14

I'm glad to be hosting the Flannel Friday Roundup for October 10th. The generous spirit of these bloggers inspires me and affirms my impulse to collaborate and share with my fellow storytime presenting-preschooler loving- picture book reading-flannelboard enthusiasts! 
Woo-hoo! Happy Friday ya'll!!

Nikki @heytherelibrary has a beautiful set for Caps for Sale to share; including how-to's!
Oh My Goodness!! Miss Tara @Storytime with Miss Tara and Friends has got a post chock-full of Halloween fun including an adorable song!

Fresh from presenting at the Ohio Library Council's Convention and Expo comes a great post on using one felt set in more than one way from Library Village
Anne @itsybitsymom reminds us of a great game to play with the kiddos at storytime! This is an excellent way to get those little brains working!
In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Jane @Piper Loves the Library has a song and some resources to share! Muy Bueno!
Bridget @What is Bridget Reading? has a fun game with adorable crocheted pieces. Great minds must think alike! (see above, Library Village)  Bridget uses pieces from other sets to make this game.
 Storytime Katie has a fun matching activity with fancy, cute socks inspired by Miss Mary Liberry!
Hooray for Katie @Felt Board Magic! She is posting about a wonderful resource...Her Feltboard Song eBook! 
I'm continuing the theme of this roundup of games and activities and how-to's with my post about Candy @Fun With Friends at Storytime
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ahhhchoooo! I'm Sick!

This week we did a Sick/Germs/Bandaid theme at the library. There was a lot of pretend sneezing and nose covering and pretend hand washing going on! Our puppet mascot, Harvey has been feeling poorly all week and we had to check him out with the doctor kit. The children's faces are so serious and concerned for him! Harvey usually is so happy for storytime that we count to 10 for him to do a flip (we throw-flip Harvey up in the air and catch him).  This week he's been too sick for doing flips. Earlier this week he had to have a shot! Oh My!!  My coworker, Miss Margaret is a master with this puppet! She is hilarious and the children LOVE her and Harvey! When I present storytime I do the initial count down and flip with Harvey but I don't really make him talk. I usually sit him to one side so that he can 'listen' to the storytime fun. She did the 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed rhyme. I used Laurie Berkner's chant, 'Down, Down Baby' and we sang ' I Think I'm Going to Sneeze!
I made a set of hands and germs that I saw at Loons and Quines @ Librarytime. They don't show up well against the red felt board. I had a kiddo to tell me that they were gloves when I first added the hands to the board. We also talked about the germs!  The kiddos liked pretending to wash and scrub their hands!

We also played an interactive game that I adapted from the idea I saw on A, Bee, C, Preschool and @Storytime Katie's blog. I made the set of colored bandaids from felt and Louie is made out of Pellon.  I just handed out the bandaids and called each child up to put a bandaid on a 'boo-boo' on different parts of Louie. 

After we had read our books, washed the germs from our hands and put bandaids on Louie we handed out our Home Extension; A First Aid Kit! One child immediately had to put the band aid on! The thermometer is a laminated Google image and the 'gauze' is a piece of pellon. I folded a 9x12 piece of black construction paper over and cut the top to have a handle. We glued the sides together and put all the pieces inside for easy carrying. You'd think we handed them money LOL!! 
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Trick or Treat Candy

I was looking at the Halloween blogposts, and I looked through all my Halloween sets and found very few, almost no, rhymes about candy! Oh My! That's one of the main reasons for Halloween for children. The dressing up is fun but the free candy is the best! I found a cute candy song video HERE. Mr. Al has a song about candy on his CD, Kids Wanna Rock. Well, I did some thinking and rhyming and came up with an interactive rhyme I called, Trick or Treat Candy.
You can do this two different ways. 
You can tell the kiddos that we are pretending that the board is our Trick or Treat bag and they can bring their colored candy piece to stick on the flannelboard. Or you could have a Halloween treat bag or plastic pumpkin and have the kiddos drop their colored candy piece in it. The kiddos that come to my storytime like to see the flannelboard full with all the pieces that they brought up. You could instruct them to line up the colored pieces and essentially make a graph. Then you could count the different colors and see which is the most or least. I can slightly control where the pieces go by placing the first piece as I say the color and then I 'help' the kiddos find a place on the board for their piece. I say, "Let's make a line with our pieces." Sometimes, a child that brings up their piece will realign another piece that isn't quite straight in the line. LOL!  Usually once they see the first color in a row, they add their piece after mine right in the row. 

I used a Google image to program a sheet of paper to make copies on colored cardstock and bright paper. I laminated them with my small laminator and cut them out and added a small piece of velcro (hook side) to the back. Now we're ready for some candy Fun with Friends at Storytime!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Morning on the Farm


There are so many fun books about Farm that you could use it for the overall theme for a month! Actually, I've done that before. The first week I did general Farm books. The second week I did Chicken books. That was an excuse to use Laurie Berkner's song, ' I Know a Chicken' and use the shaky eggs! The third week I did Pig books and the fourth week I did Sheep books.  I guess I could have continued with Cow or Tractor or Seeds or Veggies.  There are so many great books to choose from. Also, there are so many great songs to use too! There's the classic 'Old MacDonald had a Farm'. It's not technically about a farm but 'Cat Goes Fiddle-i-fee' has all the farm animals. I have a new favorite song now from Nancy Stewart. It's her song, 'When Ducks Get Up in the Morning'.  I think I first saw it mentioned on one of the Flannel Friday blogposts...but I can't remember which?! Anyway, since I have access to some great Ellison farm animal diecuts I decided to make the song an interactive activity. So I cut out about 5 or 6 of 6 different farm animals and handed them out to the kiddos. As we sang about that animal the children holding the matching animal diecut brought it up to the board. I tried a different way to do this with a small group of 2's and young 3's. I was able to give them all the same animal and they had to wait for me to say the sound that the animal makes to bring up their diecut. Waiting and listening for the sound before they could get up was challenging for one of the little kiddos. It didn't take long though, he got the hang of it and could sit on the edge of his chair and wait for the animal sound! I had as much fun as they did!! Playing is one of the ECRR components that we model in our storytimes. Now, I'm thinking a set of jungle/zoo animals might be next on my to-do list. The song is really easy to learn so that you don't have to have the music and you can improvise as you like. Be sure to check out some of the other great Farm/farm animal ideas on the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards.
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