Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Flowers Make a Rainbow

I'm so happy that the daffodils and hyacinth are blooming here!!  I couldn't resist this adorable flower rhyme. I've had it a long time and used it several ways. I made a new set of flowers to go with it and am sharing with everyone in time for springtime flower storytimes!! Here's a link for a printable copy of 'Flowers Make a Rainbow'. I used my Sizzix flower diecut and 2 shades of each color to make my newest flower set. You can't tell it but there are two shades of yellow on the yellow flowers. Anyway, you can do the rhyme and put up the flowers then talk about the colors and the concept of 'more than'. If you have a fairly small group you can hand out the flowers and let the kiddos bring up the color as you say the rhyme. This is a more tactile way to get the concept of  'more' as they help make the rows of colors. There are lots of ways to use these flowers! There's always so much Fun with Friends at Storytime in the spring!!

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