Friday, November 20, 2015

Guest post for Bethany: Three Nervous Turkeys!

I'm so happy to be hosting Bethany on my blog! She is Head of Children's Services at the Bedford Free Public Library. She has a really fun song/rhyme in time for Thanksgiving!

Three Nervous Turkeys
A Thanksgiving flannel board song
I found Five Nervous Turkeys on the ALSC blog (  The song is funny, filled with my favorite autumn fowl, and easy to make with free clipart.  But, as I searched for images and hummed along, I wanted a chorus for everyone to sing and a new verse for the ducks.  5 turkeys, with a full chorus between each verse, plus a final verse to acknowledge the duckiness … is too long for my young storytime kids!  I reduced the turkeys to 3 and scavenged my surplus turkeys for silly mistakes on the duck costumes.

Three Nervous Turkeys—tune: “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”
Three turkeys were getting quite nervous.
Thanksgiving Day soon would be back.
So one turkey put on a duck suit, (swap a duck for a turkey)
And now he goes “Gobble, quack-quack.”

Turkey, turkey, (hook thumbs together, fingers stretched out for the turkey feathers)
Turkey goes “Gobble, quack-quack, quack-quack.” (flap elbows/wings like a duck)
Turkey, turkey, (feathers)
Turkey goes “Gobble, quack-quack.”  (wings)

Repeat for 2 turkeys and 1 turkey.
After all of the turkeys are in duck suits:

Now no little turkeys are nervous.
They’re finally feeling their luck.
But you, my poor dears, might get hungry …
… unless, of course, you like duck!


Ha! Thanks Bethany for sharing a fun Turkey flannelboard set! 
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