Thursday, August 8, 2013

Picnic time!

One of the first Flannel Friday inspired sets that I made I called 'Picnic Basket'.  I had only begun to follow Flannel Friday posts and came across this one by Ms. Anna @ Future Librarian Superhero. Her's was a Fill the Shopping Cart post. I thought,"This would work as a picnic basket activity!". So, I wrote a rhyme and laminated some Google images and found a basket and we had a great time! I handed out the pics and as I said the rhyme the children would 'help me pack the basket'. I made 4 of each item. This activity also generated a lot of discussion about foods we like!    I just love Flannel Fridays!

Picnic Basket
by Kathryn Roach

Picnic basket, open it wide.
what are some things you see inside?

Chips and pickles, sandwiches, too.
A picnic lunch for me and you.

Apples and strawberries, a hot dog too.
A picnic lunch for me and you.

Watermelon slices, an ice cream cone too,
A picnic lunch for me and you.

Cold lemonade and juicy grapes too,
a picnic lunch for me and you.

A hamburger with ketchup and a soda too,
A picnic lunch for me and you.

* You can continue as long as you can think of things or have flannelboard pieces.

We're Going On a Picnic by Pat Hutchins, The Bunnies' Picnic by Lezlie Evans and Mouse's First Summer by Lauren Thompson are great with this theme.  Picnics are a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime.


  1. Kathryn, this is adorable. I am sure the kids love it. ~ jane

  2. How fun! You're the Mary Poppins of picnic baskets. =)