Friday, August 16, 2013

Calling All Firetrucks!

I'm still in the fall mode for planning and remembered that October is Fire Safety month. When I taught preschool the firefighters would bring the firetruck to our school. Most of my 3 year olds loved it.   My grandson, J. loved firetrucks when he was 2 and 3 years old.  He fixated on Firefighters! Speeding! Spraying! Saving! by Patricia Hubbell, when he was about that age and we read it a LOT! Another great firefighter book is Firefighters A to Z by Chris A. Demarest.  Check out this link for the National Fire Prevention Association here.  I decided to make a rhyme/activity with a firetruck Ellison diecut.  I embellished the diecut a little by adding either yellow or lt. blue to the window opening and a shiny sequin 'light' for the top of the firetruck. I hand out diecut firetrucks to the kiddos and then as I say the rhyme and put my firetruck up they can 'drive' their firetruck to the flannel board too.  I eventually want to make this a filefolder color recognition activity for our toddler storytime.

by Kathryn Roach

Fire! Fire! Emergency!
Someone is in trouble.
Calling all *blue  firetrucks
Come on the double!

(repeat until all the children have added
their firetruck to the board)

Spray the water,
Now the fire is out!
"Everyone is safe!"
We all shout.

*green; yellow; orange; purple; black;
white; pink; brown; red.

Firetrucks and firefighters are a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime!


  1. Love, love, LOVE this! Thank you for all of the ideas and the book recommendations. I am ordering the Patricia Hubbell book now. I have never seen it.

    Your rhyme is great! And I love how simple and fun your fire trucks are. Easy enough to make one for every child. Perfect!

    Thanks for sharing two this week. You are awesome!
    ~ K ~

    1. Thanks! I don't usually embellish the ones I hand out to the know how things end up soggy in their sweet little hands ;). I would love to have my own Ellison press...I do have a Sizzix and some diecuts that I got on Ebay. They make life sooo much easier.

  2. Do you do this one with toddlers or preschoolers? It's a great rhyme and flannel activity

  3. You can do both... Preschoolers can do this without as much prompting on checking the color to be sure it matches and then remembering to get up and come to the board without prompting...;)
    toddlers take a little longer to get the idea of putting the pieces on the board. But, toddlers generally get the hang of it quickly and LOVE it once they understand it! They're adorable!