Friday, August 23, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty! either LOVE them or NOT. As Amy Farrah Fowler told Sheldon, "I love cats. They're the epitome of indifference." (Big Bang)  Well, I love these cats!  I was inspired partly by this post by Nikarella @ narrating tales of preschool storytime. We are planning a cat themed storytime for this fall and I wanted something new. Of course, I turned to Flannel Friday Pinterest boards and was not disappointed!  One idea led to another until I came up with a new set of kitties and rhyme.   I tweaked my 10 Circus Seals rhyme and ...voil√†... Ten Kitty Cats.  

Ten Kitty Cats
by Kathryn Roach

Ten kitty cats ready for a trick. 
Which color ball will each one pick? 
Let's match them up one by one.
Kitty cats are so much fun!
(put cats on board, count to 10, Hold up and name each color ball and put it on the same color cat on the board)
Ten kitty cats ready to rest.
They have the color ball that they like the best.
We matched them up one by one.
Kitty cats are so much fun!

I found a Google image that I deconstructed for my pattern. I changed the nose and used google eyes and slick black and white fabric paint for the details. I couldn't resist adding sequins and glitter to the balls for the kitties. I'm having such Fun with Friends and cats at Storytime!


  1. Love your cats! I'll definitely be making a set.

  2. Your cats are beautiful, perfect, lovable, adorable...I do love cats AND dogs! ~ jane