Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eeek! A Spider!

We're beginning to plan for the fall and of course that means...Halloween! When I think of Halloween I think of creepy things and one of those creepy things is...duh, duh, duh...Spiders!  I have some not-so-creepy spiders that I like to use with the younger, easily creeped-out kiddos at storytime. I have a 5 whats-it rhyme that I adapted from Preschool Express. Jean Warren had written it as Three Little Spiders.  I used some flannel pieces from other sets along with my ADORABLE little spiders. I placed the *item and made one of the spiders fall with each verse. I added back the spiders for the last verse.   I also changed the last line to be a Happy Halloween rhyme.  You can see that some of my * items didn't match the rhyme...but I'm making some more pieces that will!...or, you can just name the *items that you have.  Either way...Fun is about to happen!!
Five Little Spiders
by Jean Warren (adapted by Kathryn Roach)

Five little spiders climbing up the wall.
Along came a *grey squirrel and made one spider fall. 

Four little spiders climbing up the wall.
Along came a * little mouse  and made one spider fall.

Three little spiders climbing up the wall.
Along came a * hoot owl  and made one spider fall.

Two little spiders climbing up the wall.
Along came a * black cat  and made one spider fall.

One little spider climbing up the wall.
Along came a * Jack-o-lantern  and made one spider fall.

Five little spiders landed on the ground.
They said, "Happy Halloween!" and then didn't make a sound. (shhhhh)

Sorry for the quality of the pics. The spider's legs are made of metallic pipe cleaners. I used google eyes and half of a large circle sequin for the mouth.  I sandwiched the legs between two ovals with a LOT of glue!  These guys make me Happy!


  1. Ohh, sparkly. I love the spider legs!

    1. Thanks, I love shiny things too LOL!

  2. This is great. You can use this with puppets, too!

  3. I am also dreaming of Halloween and cooler times.... Your spiders are darling! I love how you encourage the kids to all quiet down at the end with, "Shhh," as part of the rhyme. Great transition!

  4. Aaaaw! Your glittery spiders make me happy, too! Awesome job!

    I love Jean Warren. She has lots of wonderful stuff that have been staples in many preschool classrooms over the years. But, you are a librarian after my own heart! I love "tweaking" things for my own purposes and your tweaks are fun!

    I'm wondering if I can tweak it with Monsters, Witches, or other colorful Halloween characters for a Surprise Halloween Party at the end? Shhhh! Don't tell ~ it is a surprise!

    What do you think? Too much? Lol!

    Thanks for sharing this week! I always love your ideas!
    ~ K ~

  5. Tweak away! That's one of the most wonderful things about Flannel Friday; the sharing and sense of collaboration! As far as too much? I say "Go big (bold, bright, shiny, fun) or don't bother!" LOL!

  6. I love the spiders! To be flannelized...very soon! thanks ~ jane