Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Bedtime storytimes are so much fun.  They can be quiet and relaxing too!  There are so many cute bedtime books.  I like to use Nancy Stewart's cute songs; Dancing Pajamas and Fuzzy Slippers with this theme.  I used Google images to print out 4 different pairs of slippers that I mounted on colored paper and then laminated. I like to make my prints as big as I can!  I start with all the slippers on the board (velcro on the back) and remove a pair of slippers as we sing the song.  We're counting by 2's!   I used the same technique for this bedtime rhyme that I made up, except I put each pic up as I say the rhyme. (the color words are linked to a Google search page for the item in the verse)  I don't have a picture for the last rhyme but I pretend to go to sleep and then ...pause...snore!  Always big laughs.

Time to Go to Sleep!
By Kathryn Roach

In the evening after dark
It’s time to go to bed.
Before I sleep I’ll brush my teeth
With my toothbrush that’s red.

My teeth are brushed and shiny clean.
I’ve put my toothbrush up.
I want a drink before I sleep
In my small blue cup.

I’ve splashed around in the tub
With my favorite funny fellow;
I’ve scrubbed-a-dub and had such fun with
My rubber duck that’s yellow.

I’ve had my soapy, bubblebath
And now I’m squeaky clean.
I’ll put my soft pajamas on;
They’re my favorite jammies, green.

My bed is calling to me,
I’ll jump in quick as a wink!
I’m oh so comfy cozy with my
Blankets warm and pink.

I have my fuzzy lovey pal.
His tummy is soft and round.
I’ll snuggle on my pillow
With my teddy bear that’s brown.

Time for kisses all around.
Please turn off the light.
I’ll close my eyes to start to dream;
Good night, sleep tight,

Good night!......snore!

I like to do 5 In The Bed as a song/flannel rhyme. My version always ends with the 'little one' saying at the end, "Alone at last, goodnight!"   I have 5 cute colored pellon bears and a piece of fabric that looks like a quilt to use as I sing the song. This set is so old, I can't remember where I found the bear pattern.  Probably a Google clipart image??   The bears are about 8 or 9 inches tall.  As I said, I like my pieces BIG!    

Bedtime is Fun at Storytime!


  1. This is wonderful and smart and no doubt the kids love it. I applaud the writing skills - original poems and rhymes and songs. Bravo!