Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Berry Goodness!

The blueberries in my yard are almost ready! Yummers! I've kinda got berries on the brain. I'll just mention a few blueberry books; the classic, Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey; Blueberry Mouse by Alice Low; Blueberry Shoe by Ann Dixon; One Little Blueberry by Tammi Salzano; and for older preschoolers there's George Shannon's White Is For Blueberry.  
backside of pieces.

I have a blueberry rhyme that I made up that's a twist on the classic, 1 little, 2 little counting rhyme.  To start this rhyme I have a little clear bucket and 10 medium sized blue pom pom 'blueberries' that we count together as I drop them in the pail.  Then, I finish the rhyme with the flannel pieces that I made.
Bucket of Blueberries
by Kathryn Roach  

(drop pom pom's in bucket as you count)
1 berry, 2 berry, 3 berries 4,
5 blueberries...let's count some more!
6 berry, 7 berry, 8 berry, 9
10 blueberries are mighty fine!

Now, I've got a bucket of blueberries
that I want to eat...
It's time to cook up a great berry treat.
I'll mix up some things
and stir with all my might
        Then I'll have a delicious
         Blueberry delight.
      (I pantomime holding a bowl and 
stirring as fast as I can)
Blueberry pancake (place felt pancake)
           blueberry pie (place felt pie)
           blueberry muffin (place felt muffin)
          My, oh my! (rub tummy and smile big smile)

             I hope you can use the patterns here.  I scanned them from my original patterns but reduced them by 78%.  I cut out a blob pancake shape and added the blueberries to it.  Usually when we talk about foods at Storytime, I ask the children to give a 'thumbs up' if they like the food I name.  I'm trying to teach them that everyone doesn't have to talk at the same time! Ha!

I've also added the pattern that I used to cut out 'buckets' for a thumbprint blueberries craft.  I cutout the handle shape so that the kiddos could carry their bucket of blueberries home. We used blue inkpads for printing. You could just as easily use blue paint and a pencil eraser for stamping 'blueberries' in the buckets.  They really liked this craft. It was quick and easy prep and minimal mess so I really liked this craft too!
Blueberries are so much Fun at Storytime!


  1. Adorable! Think there is a blueberry post in my future!

    1. Thanks! I pretty much love blueberries too! They are such a cute, delicious little berry LOL!

  2. Love this, will definitely use. Many thanks.

  3. I love doing berries in storytime and am always looking for new ideas to add. Yours in definitely one I want to use. Thanks for sharing.