Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let's Build a Snowman.

One of my all-time favorite books to use with a snowman theme is Lois Ehlert's, Snowballs. It's always a big hit with the kiddos! I've got several snowman rhymes that I like to use for this theme. I made a pellon set for the classic snowman rhyme, 'Cute Little Snowman'.

I have another pellon set for a song/chant; 'Happy Snowman'. I really need to add some velcro dots to help the pieces stay in place as I dress the snowman. If the group is small you can hand out the pieces and the kiddos can dress the snowman!

Here's a little rhyme for this sweet snowman,
              'A Happy Jolly Fellow'

A Snowman sits upon the hill,
He's a happy, jolly fellow.
His hat is black, his scarf is red,
And his mittens are bright yellow!

And here's one more Snowman rhyme/song; this file folder one that I use with the CD by Carole Peterson; *Highly Usable Music kids Can Sing, Dance & Do! H.U.M.* all Year Long. The tune is London Bridge is Falling Down. Here's the printable doc. for  I Can Make a Snowman.  
Snowmen are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime!
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