Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not-a-Flannel Valentine Post!

Hey Friends, over the past 3 years I've posted a couple of Valentine's theme posts...Here and Here. I've also posted a  Friendship theme,   Here. So, this time I'd like to share a few not-flannel ideas that I've used over the years in a preschool classroom setting that would work in storytime too.  I have two different types of Bingo/Matching games. I made half sheet LOVE Bingo cards that I laminated and handed out to the kiddos. I used candy heart markers...yes, you know how that went! LOL! but you could use clothespins to clip on the pictures (fine motor practice) or small heart diecuts or even valentine erasers. There so many learning concepts covered in this activity! Talking and Playing!! I made a second set of whole sheet matching cards that I laminated and these could be used before or after storytime! I had another idea of putting the pictures on a heart shape and clipping clothespins to the matching picture like I did with a camping set HERE.

I have a set of laminated construction paper diecut hearts that I've used in a preschool class as a Hide and Seek game. I 'hide' the small heart in the classroom. I usually just lay them out in various places so that the kiddos can see them. I instruct them to only pick up the one that is the same color as the one in their hand! LOL! This is really hard for some kiddos! It's fun to watch them help one another too! This could easily be adapted to storytime by placing the cutout heart diecut on the magnetic/flannelboard and having the child with that color bring it up to fit inside and make a complete heart! Just add a dot of velcro or a magnet to the back of each piece!

There's the easy peasy matching game of duplicate kiddy valentine cards laminated with a dot of velcro or a magnet on the back of them! Or you can make a matching set by using duplicate valentine stickers on heart shapes and laminate them! There are so many ways to jazz this up!  Have the kiddos reach into a mailbox to pull out a card and then match it to the one on the board. You could hand out the duplicate pieces to an even number of kiddos in storytime and let them find the matching piece among the group (this could get a little loud LOL!) Another idea is to have one of the set hanging on a line with clothespins. The kiddos take turns walking down the line to find their matching piece. It could be even better if they can use those fine motor muscles to pin the two pieces together back on the line!

My last idea is a before-and- after activity supervised by an adult because of the small pieces. I have found Valentine erasers at the Dollar store and programmed a pattern on pink paper using the copier. The kiddos find the matching eraser and make the pattern on the paper. Be sure, this is well supervised! I usually put the erasers in an empty heart shaped candy box. Ha! That's my classic preschool teacher move, I don't throw anything away. I find a way to use it!! I've been out of the classroom for several years but you can't get the classroom out of me! LOL!! Valentines Day activities are sooo much Fun with Friends at Storytime. There are other ideas this week @ Flannel Friday Roundup. Check out the wonderful resources on the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards. Here's the link for the official Flannel Friday blog for more info!

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