Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family Hero Fingerpuppets

Last week Miss Margaret showed me an adorable blogpost about Two Little Superheroes @ Sunflower Storytime and I just couldn't leave well enough alone. Ha! We are doing a week of Family as Heroes so I adapted the rhyme to reflect family members and different colored capes/outfits. There is a link in that blogpost for a printable set of capes and masks from Hello Bee. They are so cute but I adapted them to make my Family Hero Fingerpuppets. I decided to make the fingerpuppet and cape the color that I needed and to make the head as if the family member is wearing a full hooded outfit. I'll probably eventually add some hair to some of them. And maybe a mustache for Papa fingerpuppet!  Anyway, using some glue and fabric paint and tiny google eyes I made a set of felt Happy Hero Family Finger Puppets!  Here's a link for a short rhyme inspired by 'There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe' that I adapted for our Hero Family Theme. The link includes the rhymes for the fingerpuppets inspired by the Two Little Blackbirds rhyme to use with the fingerpuppets:      Happy Hero Family!

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