Friday, March 20, 2015

Flannel Friday Roundup for March 20.

Hey everyone! Spring is almost here, and boy, am I glad!! I'm looking forward to all the posts for this week's roundup. Please leave your link in the comments and I'll have it ready on Friday. I can continue to add links during the day as needed. 

I'm so happy to see these beautiful cardinals from heytherelibrary!

Here's an adorable 'inspired' post of  Denise Fleming's book Lunch @Libraryland.

Catch these French fish puppets on a stick @rovingfiddlehead! Ooo la la!

See what the well-dressed cowboy is wearing @littexaslibrary. Welcome to a first time contributor!!

My blog has gone to the dogs! LOL! @ Fun with Friends at Storytime.

Here's a great idea for a walk!! Thanks Jane & Piper @Piper Loves the Library.

March Madness anyone?!! Wow, book competition! Which one will win??  Thanks Jane for a really fun idea! from Piper Loves the Library.

Here's a set of cute Dragon/Dinosaurs for a different version of 'Two Little Blackbirds' @ Storytime Katie.

Thanks Cate @storytiming for a Mister Roger's inspired idea!

Here's a cute felt set for the book Move Over, Rover from Rachel @rachel'sreadingroom.

Thanks Katie for sharing the great Freddy Figuras bilingual set of your guest, Paula Mason @¡Es divertido hablar dos idiomas!

What a great roundup for the First day of Spring!! Thanks to everyone that shared a post this week. My to-do pile just got bigger. Be sure to check out the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards for other great ideas. If you have any questions about Flannel Friday you can find answers at the official Flannel Friday blog.



    Here's mine. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks for hosting. I've got a stick puppet to go with a French rhyme.

  4. I've never posted to Flannel Friday before, but here's a link to my Dress the Cowboy flannel: Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kathryn, thanks for hosting. Your blog looks outstanding. Piper and I are all about March Madness - so it's not a flannel on flannel friday here! ~ jane

  6. Almost forgot - did this one last week but not til Saturday. Will you post it please, thanks ~ jane

  7. Hope it's not too late to post this! Thanks!

  8. I have a guest post from my most recent Bilingual Storytime class for this week's post called Freddy Figuras - Enjoy!

  9. This is Cate from My openID isn't working. Here's a special Magnet Board for Mr. Rogers Birthday!

  10. Here's my submission:

    Thank you for hosting!