Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Doggy Wants a Bone!

We did a lot of barking and laughing with our Doggy Theme! This is such a popular theme, we should probably do it more often. There are a lot of fun dog books to use! There are a lot of cute ideas on the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards, including Dog In Boots @ busycraftingmommy.  I use the rhyme, Five Juicy Bones with my dog hand puppet and some white felt bones. I let my doggy 'eat' the bones as I say the rhyme. That's always a big hit!
I like to use the classic, Dog's Colorful Day; a Messy Story about Colors and Counting by Emma Dodd. I used a Sizzix die-cut for the circles. There's always the great song, BINGO too. I programmed some construction paper pieces with the letters on one side and  Google images of different dogs on the other. I laminated the pieces and added velcro to both sides so we can flip the letter over and bark as we sing the song! 
We did hand out a Home Extension that is a lot of fun! It's a puppy hand puppet. We prepped the pieces and clipped them to the paper bag and handed them out for the kiddos to enjoy! I had programmed a paper with the eyes on it so that we could print off a lot and cut out a lot quickly!  Dogs are a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime!! I'm hosting the Flannel Friday Roundup this week! Check it out here. Have questions about Flannel Friday? Check out the Flannel Friday official blog

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