Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monster Mash!

Lisa at Thrive After Three inspired me to share my monster 'stuff' this week. There are several great Flannel Friday posts on the Pinterest boards too.  Here's my inspiration for today's not-a-flannel prop and rhyme; Lucy at In The Children's Room. I loved the rhyme, but I wanted to use it more interactively. I laminated Google images of the food items and hand them out to the children. As I say the rhyme the children holding the items bring them up and 'feed' them to the monster.  Everyone loves this one!

A Munching Monster
by Marian Swinger

A Monster ate a monster lunch,
a monster pie,
a monster *punch
a monster apple,
a monster plum,
the monster filled his monster tum.
He licked a monster lollipop
He drank a bottle of monster pop.
He chomped a monster chocolate cake
...and got a Monster stomach ache!
* adaptation by Lucy
My Monster is poster board with card stock embellishments and the whole thing was laminated.  His arms and legs are velcroed to the back of the Monster so that I can take them off and store them more easily.  I velcroed the big round body/head to a box that I lined with black paper.  I usually make 4 of each item just to be sure I have enough for everyone.

Here's another Monster to go with this fun theme!
I have 2 sets of felt pieces for Go Away Big Green Monster.  I made my sets a long time ago but I found several on the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards. The first set I use as I read the book.  The other set, with the individual hair and teeth pieces, is for the children to help me build a Big Green Monster as I read the book.  I will let the kiddos play with that set too.  We love to say "GO AWAY Big Green Monster!!" Check out this youtube animation of the book.

We usually sing Laurie Berkner's great song, Monster Boogie too. I found a cute youtube version here.Monsters are soooo much Fun with Friends at Storytime!


  1. I'm going to steal this one! Haha.

  2. You are killing me with that monster! He is so cute and so BIG. What a wonderful prop to share with kids and fellow programmers.

  3. Great timing with Halloween coming (we can't do witches and ghosts)! I really like your 'feed the monster'!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Kathryn! I love using a monster theme around Halloween.

  5. Do you have the pattern for the big monster? if you do can you send me a copie.
    too cute!

    1. Sorry, I just made it up as I cut it out. It's really just a big kinda circle with circle dots and eyes. I freehand cut out the arms and legs and added the stripes before I laminated it.