Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hens of Different Colors

Here's an oldie but goodie, Hens of Different Colors file folder rhyme.  I usually start with the orange paper in place so that the kiddos can see the hen shape and details that I outlined with a sharpie on the laminating film. Then I start the rhyme and I stop talking as I change the color sheet for the kiddos to say the color. This is fun to use when I sing Laurie Berkner's song, I Know a Chicken! We use the shakey eggs and have a blast!

Hens of Different Colors

This little hen is black.  She stands in the barnyard by a big haystack.
This little hen is red. She is very tired ad won't get out of bed.
This little hen is brown. She is feeling sad and wearing a frown.
This little hen is yellow. Her friend in the rooster. He's a handsome fellow.
This little hen is white. She dances and plays; Oh, what a sight!
This little hen is purple. She spends her day running in circles.
This little hen is green. She is the silliest hen I've ever seen.
This little hen is blue. She lays eggs for me and you.
This little hen is pink. She goes down to the pond to get a drink.
I have colorful hens so pretty to see. I love them and they love me!

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