Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All Aboard the Teddy Bear Train!

Woo, Woo....choo choo choo choo....This week we are combining two favorites of the little kiddos, trains and teddy bears! Miss Margaret made a teddy bear train! Our small groups were able to take turns pulling the train up and down the aisles between the picture books.  So much fun!

We made a felt train on the flannelboard. Here's the link for the rhyme; This Little Train. The kiddos would say the color train car as we put the pieces on the flannelboard. I had a small group one day and was able to hand out the felt pieces so that the kiddos could bring one up to help make the train. 
The pieces are Ellison diecuts. The boxcar pieces have been handled a bit and are stretched a little bit. Oh well, easy to replace them when they are too ragged. Eli had to count the different types of cars. He noticed that there were 3 tankers and 4 boxcars plus the engine and caboose. Love what I do!!  We also sang a new-to-me song, We're All Riding on the Train. We made a train and chugged around the rug while we sang the song. You can access the song at the link above.  It's easy to learn and there are several fun interactive verses. The verse where we go faster was a big hit! 

Of course there are some fun Teddy Bear songs to use too.  I have a little rhyme about Two Little Bear Cubs that I used with my two bear hand puppets.  I made my bear puppets into a brother bear and sister bear by adding a pink bow to one puppet. We offered an easy Home Extension with this theme too. I had some 8x14 white paper that was folded in half so that it could stand up. I diecut a black engine, orange flat car (was the caboose diecut that I trimmed to make a flatcar) and a brown bear.  They were thrilled to get this simple project that will help them to remember our theme. Teddy Bears and Trains are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime!

The rest of the Flannel Friday roundup is @Ms.Kelly at the Library. Be sure to check out the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards for other great ideas!


  1. Great job, Kathryn! It looks like access to the song is protected, though. Could you make it public? Thanks!

    1. Thanks, oops, I've changed the setting! Sorry for the tech issue.