Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trick or Treat Candy

I was looking at the Halloween blogposts, and I looked through all my Halloween sets and found very few, almost no, rhymes about candy! Oh My! That's one of the main reasons for Halloween for children. The dressing up is fun but the free candy is the best! I found a cute candy song video HERE. Mr. Al has a song about candy on his CD, Kids Wanna Rock. Well, I did some thinking and rhyming and came up with an interactive rhyme I called, Trick or Treat Candy.
You can do this two different ways. 
You can tell the kiddos that we are pretending that the board is our Trick or Treat bag and they can bring their colored candy piece to stick on the flannelboard. Or you could have a Halloween treat bag or plastic pumpkin and have the kiddos drop their colored candy piece in it. The kiddos that come to my storytime like to see the flannelboard full with all the pieces that they brought up. You could instruct them to line up the colored pieces and essentially make a graph. Then you could count the different colors and see which is the most or least. I can slightly control where the pieces go by placing the first piece as I say the color and then I 'help' the kiddos find a place on the board for their piece. I say, "Let's make a line with our pieces." Sometimes, a child that brings up their piece will realign another piece that isn't quite straight in the line. LOL!  Usually once they see the first color in a row, they add their piece after mine right in the row. 

I used a Google image to program a sheet of paper to make copies on colored cardstock and bright paper. I laminated them with my small laminator and cut them out and added a small piece of velcro (hook side) to the back. Now we're ready for some candy Fun with Friends at Storytime!
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