Friday, October 10, 2014

Flannel Friday Roundup for 10/10/14

I'm glad to be hosting the Flannel Friday Roundup for October 10th. The generous spirit of these bloggers inspires me and affirms my impulse to collaborate and share with my fellow storytime presenting-preschooler loving- picture book reading-flannelboard enthusiasts! 
Woo-hoo! Happy Friday ya'll!!

Nikki @heytherelibrary has a beautiful set for Caps for Sale to share; including how-to's!
Oh My Goodness!! Miss Tara @Storytime with Miss Tara and Friends has got a post chock-full of Halloween fun including an adorable song!

Fresh from presenting at the Ohio Library Council's Convention and Expo comes a great post on using one felt set in more than one way from Library Village
Anne @itsybitsymom reminds us of a great game to play with the kiddos at storytime! This is an excellent way to get those little brains working!
In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Jane @Piper Loves the Library has a song and some resources to share! Muy Bueno!
Bridget @What is Bridget Reading? has a fun game with adorable crocheted pieces. Great minds must think alike! (see above, Library Village)  Bridget uses pieces from other sets to make this game.
 Storytime Katie has a fun matching activity with fancy, cute socks inspired by Miss Mary Liberry!
Hooray for Katie @Felt Board Magic! She is posting about a wonderful resource...Her Feltboard Song eBook! 
I'm continuing the theme of this roundup of games and activities and how-to's with my post about Candy @Fun With Friends at Storytime
Thanks everyone for sharing your great ideas! Next week's host will be Lisa from Thrive after Three. Have questions about Flannel Friday? Check the official blog for answers! Be sure to join us on the Flannel Friday Facebook page!


  1. I have a felt board of Caps for Sale!

  2. I am sharing a new song I found that can be used with props and a flannalization of one of my son's FAVORITE Halloween books.

  3. Kathryn, thanks for hosting!! Library Village is fresh from the Ohio Library Convention where we presented our Felts 3 Ways! Enjoy!

  4. I have just finished writing a felt board pattern book called Classic Felt Board Songs. It contains full sized patterns and detailed instruction for 14 children's songs. My name is Kate McKnight and I'm from Australia. My blog post that I would like to submit is located here :

  5. We played this SUPER easy magnet board version of "One of These Things" last week! Thanks for hosting - Anne

  6. Kathryn, thanks for hosting. Piper and I are busy with National Hispanic Heritage Month, so we're sending our update and linked to FF Pinterest Bilingual Page to it. All good stuff.

  7. Here's mine: What Do You Call a Baby...?

  8. I laughed at 10/10 by 10!

    I have a socks match-up, inspired by Mary of Miss Mary Liberry:

    Thanks so much for hosting!