Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are incredibly beautiful and such a wonderful storytime theme! I haven't checked the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards yet, but I'm sure there are several with butterfly posts.  I thought I'd add mine here. I have an original rhyme, Color Butterflies, that I use with my large glittery felt butterflies and diecut matching butterflies that I hand out to the kiddos to bring to the pretend flannelboard 'garden'.  I also use the large butterflies minus one to do a counting rhyme. I can't remember where I found it sooo long ago!

Counting Butterflies

Six little butterflies happy to be alive
One flew off, then there were five.

Five little butterflies on flowers galore,
One flew off, then there were four.

Four little butterflies among the sweet peas
One flew off, then there were three.

Three little butterflies with nothing to do,
                                   One flew off, then there were two.

                                         Two little butterflies resting in the sun,
                                      One flew off, then there was one.

                                        One little butterfly, now the only one,
                                        She flew off, then there was none.

You can see the pic of the craft. A coworker shared this idea many years ago. I used snack ziploc bags that the kiddos spooned some colored cereal into. They colored the clothespin black. Then the bag and a small piece of black pipecleaner was pinched together in the clothespin to make the 'butterfly'.  Instead of cereal you could use shredded tissue paper or sequins. (This is a craft from many years ago ... librarians/preschool teachers don't throw anything away LOL!)   Butterflies are a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime!
Bridget @ What is Bridget Reading? has the rest of this week's roundup.Have questions about Flannel Friday? Check out the Flannel Friday official blog.  Be sure to  join us on the Flannel Friday Facebook page and enjoy the great Flannel Friday Pinterest boards too!

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