Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Sailboats

We've been playing in the water sprinkler a lot now that it's warm! Hooray! The water and the warm sun reminded me of the beach and seeing beautiful sailboats on the water. I have a set of sailboats with a rhyme I made up a few years ago for a summer beach theme series.  This rhyme lends itself to being a guessing game too.  I would first do the rhyme and then play, "Which one is missing?" with the sailboats.  We all name the colors together and then I have the children close their eyes and I remove a sailboat. They open their eyes and guess which color is missing. They never get tired of this game. Thanks goodness! Here are some books that would be good with this theme: 

By Kathryn Roach

Sailboats are quietly floating by,
Beautiful sails are flying high!

Red and yellow,
Green and blue
Can you see the colors too?

Floating on the waterway,
See more colorful sails today.

Orange and pink,
Purple and brown
Beautiful sailboats don’t make a sound.

Sailing on the water under the sun,
Riding on a sailboat is so much fun!

Summer sailboats are so much Fun with Friends at Storytime

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