Thursday, April 13, 2017

Building with Blocks

We are getting ready for our Summer Reading Programs and since our theme is a building theme we needed a set of blocks! I'm not totally happy with these so they might get redone before June but for now they will do.
Let's Build with Blocks
by Kathryn Roach
We have some colorful building blocks ready for some fun!
We can work together and add each and every one!

I made 3 of each color shape so that we can play some interactive building games with these. The short rhyme I have made up is still a work in progress. Actually, you don't really need a rhyme to direct an activity with these. They will also lend themselves to our favorite game, 'Which one is Missing?'. Building with colorful blocks is so much Fun with Friends at Storytime! There are more ideas on this week's Flannel Friday Roundup. Check out the wonderful resources on the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards. Here's the link for the official Flannel Friday blog for more 

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