Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Hero Fun!

Five Superheroes and Their Mixed-Up Capes
By Kathryn Roach
 Five superheroes have been standing up for Right!
They sent their capes to the cleaners to get them clean and bright.
But while the capes were there, the villain made a switch!
Now their capes are mixed up. Let’s find which is which!

*talk about each color of cape and match it to the color superhero.*

Now, our superheroes have their own cape to wear.
All you evil villains better beware!
These colorful heroes are strong and brave.
They are ready to make every villain behave!
Well, we are getting ready for the Super Hero fun this summer and I made a set of Five Little Superheroes. Here's the link for the rhyme: 5 Superheroes. The original rhyme is from Jbray. A coworker added one more verse. This felt set was labor intensive because I was making up and tweaking the pattern as I went. I started with an image given to  me by a coworker. The redhead with the black cape is the original pattern.  I changed the mouth and used google eyes on my superheroes. Then I made the other superheroes with different hairstyles and used 5 shades of skin tones. I made each one so that you could see the back because the cape and masks are separate pieces.This made the boots and gloves double pieces and the hair had to cover the back of the head. Each superhero is about 8 inches tall. I used my star diecut for the first little guy and lots of fabric paint, glitter glue, rhinestones and Aleene's Tacky glue! I made up a rhyme that involves matching the capes to the Super Hero. Here's a link for a printable copy Five Super Heroes and Their Mixed Up Capes.  This was a lot of fun and I'll probably make 5 more different ones so that we'll have a set of Ten Little Super Heroes. Check out the Super Hero Flannel Friday Pinterest board for more ideas!
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