Friday, August 15, 2014

Old Man Skipper Went to Sea

Yikes!! It's Shark Week and I don't have any shark flannelboard sets to post. My Old Man Skipper song/activity is the closest thing I have. A coworker shared this song with me many years ago. I love a different take on a tune I know. 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' is now, 'Old Man Skipper Went to Sea'.  I have a duffle bag with a LOT of sea/beach type Beanie Babies that match the song. I tell the kiddos that I'm sharing these stuffed creatures for the game so they can't take them home. I need them back so that I can play this game with other children that come to storytime! Then, I hand out a sea creature to each kiddo before we start to sing. I instruct them to listen and when they hear the name of the creature that they are holding they can bring it up and put it in my bag. We identify each one and get ready to sing. I put the Skipper on the flannelboard and hold open the duffle bag and we have a great time! Here's the link to the doc. for the song, Old Man Skipper. This is always a big hit! (And I've never had a child not put their creature in the bag.) Since I have soooo many Beanie Babies that match the song (I added a few too) I never got around to making felt pieces. My skipper is made of pellon with a black sharpie outline and I used colored pencils to color him. I know that Burt Dow Deep-Water Man is not about sharks but it is about a skipper and I have always loved this story! Sea creatures, including sharks, are a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime!
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  1. Beautiful! Need to do something like this. So glad you posted it. ~ jane

  2. This song is so cute. I am already thinking about what puppets I have around the library.