Thursday, July 24, 2014

Something is Fishy!!

We just did a great week of fish stories and felts and songs. It was a lot of fun! We sang, 'Slippery Fish' and Laurie Berkner's, 'Goldfish' and I made a new felt set to use with a rhyme we found from Abby the Librarian's blog. It's called Color Fish. Her coworker made theirs as a prop box. I made my set out of felt. The light blue background is white polar fleece that I dyed with some food coloring and vinegar. The tank is about 16" x 12".  I found a cute fish clipart to use as my pattern. You could use the Ellison fish diecut if you have access to it.  I wish I did *sigh*. Anyway,  I added glitter to my fish and shiny 'bubbles' in the tank and that made me HAPPY!  I placed the google eyes in the middle of the fish face so that I could turn them either way.
Fish are a lot of Fun with Friends at Storytime!  
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  1. Happy Birthday Kathryn! *wish* You know I love the glitter. And I am in "awe" of the clever eye placement allowing the fish to swim either way. You are so smart. This is a very happy post! Lovin' it ~ jane

  2. Love the glitter and the bubbles - and having a 'duh' moment over the fish eyes - brilliant, thank you!