Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I just had to share this great book that my grandson J. and I have really enjoyed for several weeks now! He tends to fixate on a favorite that we read over and over and over... Thank goodness this is one that I like too!  It is George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell.

This is a delightful book, with 2 page spread illustrations that are clear and fairly uncluttered, with minimal, clever text! Everytime we read it he understands the humor more and he notices more details in the illustrations. It's so much fun to be a part of his process!  This book reminded me of the 10 Dizzy Dragon felt set I made after I saw it mentioned at Sunflower Storytime. The rhyme is from Super Storytelling by Carol Elaine Catron & Barbara Catron Park. I tweaked the rhyme a little too. That eighth dragon line bothered me a little. My coworker suggested we change the line to be; 'the eighth dragon was best friends with a squire." (thanks Margaret!)  I made a set of dragons from felt and a deconstructed Google image. I used google eyes and fabric paint for the features. I'm still thinking about adding some glitter to their bellies! I can't leave well enough alone LOL!   Dragons are so much Fun With Friends at Storytime!

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  1. Love these - thanks for the book suggestion, have wanted to use Emily Gravett's book Again for a while but was unsure what to pair with it! Thanks - the dragons are adorable!