Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Up, Up and Away

I know this post might seem random...well it is! But, ... this was a fun theme and I wanted to share with you.  Two summers ago our Summer Reading Theme was One World Many Stories and one of the images on our marketing pieces was of children in a hot air balloon. That gave me the idea for this theme.  Then I found a book that I really wanted to use, The Big Trip by Valeri Gorbachev and I was ready to go! We sang the fun song, When I'm Feeling Up by Rick Hubbard to complete the 'up, up and away' theme.  We enjoyed the following rhyme that I adapted by adding more verses and colors. Then we played a "Which one's missing?" game with the colored balloons. I'll have to share the riddle rhyming game I made up in another post.  

Pretty Balloons
adapted by Kathryn Roach

Pretty balloons are in the air
Lots of colors everywhere.
Red and Yellow,
Green and Blue;
Can you see the colors too?
Foating high up in the sky
Lots more colors we can spy.
Orange and Pink,
Purple and Brown
Balloons are high above the ground.
Up high we'll ride and look down below
As we ride in our hot air balloon RAINBOW!

I still remember the fun we had with this theme; plus I am in love with the glittery hot air balloons!  
I have so much fun with my friends at Storytime!!


  1. What a great theme idea! I bet there were lots of kids in love with the glitter balloon too.

  2. They are beautiful. What fun.

  3. Fun idea for a storytime theme! I'll have to check your book suggestion out.

    Thank you for sharing this week. Love the glitter, too. Glitter is always fun!

    Have a great weekend!
    ~ K ~