Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ahhhchoooo! I'm Sick!

This week we did a Sick/Germs/Bandaid theme at the library. There was a lot of pretend sneezing and nose covering and pretend hand washing going on! Our puppet mascot, Harvey has been feeling poorly all week and we had to check him out with the doctor kit. The children's faces are so serious and concerned for him! Harvey usually is so happy for storytime that we count to 10 for him to do a flip (we throw-flip Harvey up in the air and catch him).  This week he's been too sick for doing flips. Earlier this week he had to have a shot! Oh My!!  My coworker, Miss Margaret is a master with this puppet! She is hilarious and the children LOVE her and Harvey! When I present storytime I do the initial count down and flip with Harvey but I don't really make him talk. I usually sit him to one side so that he can 'listen' to the storytime fun. She did the 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed rhyme. I used Laurie Berkner's chant, 'Down, Down Baby' and we sang ' I Think I'm Going to Sneeze!
I made a set of hands and germs that I saw at Loons and Quines @ Librarytime. They don't show up well against the red felt board. I had a kiddo to tell me that they were gloves when I first added the hands to the board. We also talked about the germs!  The kiddos liked pretending to wash and scrub their hands!

We also played an interactive game that I adapted from the idea I saw on A, Bee, C, Preschool and @Storytime Katie's blog. I made the set of colored bandaids from felt and Louie is made out of Pellon.  I just handed out the bandaids and called each child up to put a bandaid on a 'boo-boo' on different parts of Louie. 

After we had read our books, washed the germs from our hands and put bandaids on Louie we handed out our Home Extension; A First Aid Kit! One child immediately had to put the band aid on! The thermometer is a laminated Google image and the 'gauze' is a piece of pellon. I folded a 9x12 piece of black construction paper over and cut the top to have a handle. We glued the sides together and put all the pieces inside for easy carrying. You'd think we handed them money LOL!! 
Who knew that being sick or injured could be Fun with Friends at Storytime?!! You'll want to see the rest of this week's Flannel Friday Roundup HEREHave questions about Flannel Friday? Check out the Flannel Friday official blog. Be sure to check out the Flannel Friday Facebook page too!

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  1. Kathryn, this is precious. Harvey looks miserable! He is an expressive puppet. Love the bandaids. Love it when the kids are invested in our sick puppet friends. Bravo. ~ jane